Keep the free Whooping Cough Booster Program for parents of newborns

The Victorian Health Minister has announced his Government is ending the free Whooping Cough booster program by 30 June 2012 and other states may follow. This is despite Australia being in the midst of a Whooping Cough epidemic that peaked at 38,500 cases last year and has killed eight babies since 2008. Why end a program when health authorities worldwide are advising all adults in contact with newborns to have a whooping cough vaccination?

The parents and relatives of babies across Australia that have died and battled t survive whooping cough have written a letter to all the Health Ministers and Premiers of Australia.
We are asking all states to keep the free booster program in place until each state has completed a rigorous review of their programs and give experts time to determine the best alternative. Don't just stop a program without a replacement and leave parents confused and babies unprotected.
If you would like to support us, please go here and sign the petition. You can also email your own letter to our politicians.